Many apps use their brand color on their call-to-action buttons. Doing this may seem like a harmless act of branding, but it can actually hurt the user experience. Brand-colored buttons can lead to inaccessible text labels, button state conflicts, and a lower clickthrough rate.

Inaccessible Text Labels

Brand-colored buttons often have inaccessible text…

Introducing chip components

Traditional checkboxes and radio buttons have become a thing of the past. They’re outdated and have lousy usability. Their tiny targets are hard to click with accuracy. The difference between a dot and checkmark cue can confuse non-tech-savvy users. The next evolution of checkboxes and radio buttons is chips.

Easier to Click and Tap


Below is a screen of filters with many interface elements. At first glance, it seems like it has a good user experience, but it doesn’t. It has many issues that you can only realize by deconstructing and analyzing each component.

The first overall issue with the interface is that there’s…

UX Movement

There’s a good and bad way to design user interfaces. Our publication shows you which way gives the best user experience.

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